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Parapente Burrough Mt._Tollhouse, CA

Parapente Burrough Mt._Tollhouse, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : W WSW SW SSW
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Tollhouse is a mountain thermal site located in the Sierra Nevada region of California, USA. The launch altitude is approximately 1240 meters (about 4,000 feet) with a height difference of 745 meters (2,100 feet) to the landing zone (LZ). This site is frequently used for thermal soaring, and cross-country (XC) flights are possible. Access to the launch site is by car, and the road is well-prepared but steep and rutted, requiring a 4WD vehicle. The launch area is spacious with a grassy slope ending at a steep granite cliff, making it crucial for paragliders to be airborne before reaching the edge. The LZ is located off Tollhouse Road, across from the Tollhouse Cemetery, and offers ample space for landing. Optimal wind conditions for paragliders are from the south to west at 3-8 mph with gusts up to 12 mph. For hang gliders, the optimal conditions are 10-12 mph with gusts up to 20 mph. Evening glass-offs are common on hot summer days, providing smooth flying conditions. Pilots must be members of the USHPA and have a P3 or H3 rating to fly at Tollhouse. Smoking is not allowed at the launch or LZ. The site is managed by Ron Jones, who can provide site introductions and advice. Pilots are required to contact Ron ahead of time to get the gate code and other necessary information. The LZ can become turbulent during midday, and pilots should arrive with plenty of altitude to handle potential strong winds. The glide ratio from launch to the LZ is approximately 4:1, but conditions can change rapidly, so pilots must be prepared. For more information, you can visit the Sierra Nevada Pilots Facebook group or check the Sierra Nevada weather stations. Additional details about the site, including XC information, can be found on Wilder Adventures and the Central California Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club website. Useful Links: - Sierra Nevada Pilots Facebook Group: [Sierra Nevada FB]( - Sierra Nevada Weather Stations: [Sierra Nevada Weather]( - XC Information: [Wilder Adventures]( - Club Information: [Fly Zephyr]( - Site Rules and Info: [CCHPC Club]( - Weather Forecast: [NOAA Forecast]( For camping, Dinkey Creek Campground near Shaver Lake is available.
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Parapente Burrough Mt._Tollhouse, CA
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