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Paragliding Blue Rock Hill_Top launch_Valejo, CA

Paragliding Blue Rock Hill_Top launch_Valejo, CA

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : NW WNW W WSW SW
Wind: Mini: 7| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 22 mph


Blue Rock in Vallejo, California, is a frequently used paragliding site known for its reliable local soaring and potential for cross-country flights. The site is more dependable than coastal locations and offers a unique flying experience. To access Blue Rock, park at Solano College and walk up St. Johns Mine Road. Driving further up is not permitted. Although the site is unregulated, it is essential to follow the rules and get a briefing. The site is best suited for P3 pilots and above, but P2 pilots can also fly here with an introduction. Hang gliders are not permitted. The flying season at Blue Rock runs from March through October, with the most reliable conditions during this period. December and January see less frequent flying, but occasional west breezes before sunset can provide good flying opportunities. Spring flights are particularly enjoyable, while summer flying from noon to 4 PM can be turbulent. Fall flights are smooth with plenty of lift until sunset. The site features multiple launch points. The upper launch, known as "Viagra," is used in light winds and offers a good layout area. The north slope launch is popular for its smooth launches and protection from sinking out. However, caution is advised when lifting your wing at the top of the slope to avoid being dragged into a rock formation. Top-landing at the north slope launch requires strong side-hill landing skills. Landing options are plentiful, with minimal turbulence or rotor. The typical landing zone is the gravel lot of the college parking area, but this requires crossing Columbus Parkway with sufficient height. A bailout landing zone is available along the north side of St. Johns Mine Road. For current conditions and site information, contact 707-YOU-SOAR (707-968-7627). Emergency contacts include Joel McMinn (707-758-1078), Ron Lee (707-333-8308), Rob Black (707-853-6912), and Klaus Schlueter (415-425-7391). Directions: Take I-80 to the "Napa-37/Columbus Drive" exit in Vallejo. Head east on Columbus Drive for over a mile, with the ridge on your left. Park at Solano College and walk up St. Johns Mine Road. For more information, visit: - [Sport Paragliding]( - [Wilder Adventures]( - [BHGC]( - [Weather Forecast]( - [Paragliding San Francisco]( - [Fly Zephyr](
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Paragliding Blue Rock Hill_Top launch_Valejo, CA
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