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Paragliding Aglou Beach

Paragliding Aglou Beach

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Wind Dir. : NNW NW WNW
Wind: Mini: 15| Maxi 25 kmh Gust Max : 35 kmh


Experience the thrill of coastal soaring along kilometers of sandy cliffs with sea breeze conditions. You can always find a section of the cliff that aligns with the breeze, making it a perfect playground for mastering top landings until sunset. Be cautious of the sand, which is mixed with sharp shell fragments and can be very abrasive to your wing. Similar to Tifnit, this area is a park, so please be courteous to any guards who might (though rarely) cause issues. Also, be wary of potential impostor guards. For accommodation, consider Hotel Aglou Beach, which offers good food, decent rooms at reasonable prices, and even WiFi. Watch a video of the area here: [Vimeo]( Aglou Plages is located 100 km south of Agadir and northwest of Tiznit. This is a pure soaring spot, relatively isolated, with 3.5 km of cliffs ranging from 20 to 80 meters high. Flying is possible even with a light breeze. It’s a small paradise for paragliders who prefer less crowded sites compared to nearby locations like Nid d'aigle and Legzira. The local community is very welcoming if you respect the few locals, who are experts in ground handling and soaring. They take off even when seagulls are barely flapping their wings against the ridge! Below the takeoff area, there is a cave-inn where you can quench your thirst, enjoy a fish tagine, or fall asleep to the sound of the waves. If you want to thermal, head to the small mountain east of Aglou, located 1 km from the coast with a 200-meter elevation gain. Thermals in front of you will allow you to follow the ridges descending southward. For the lucky ones, you might reach Nid d'aigle, 14 km away. Two specialized paragliding facilities are based in Aglou: one run by Abdou and Phil, and the other by Aziz. They can help you explore Aglou and the sites south of Agadir. More information can be found online.

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Paragliding Aglou Beach
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