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Kite-surf Sakalava Kylie

Kite-surf Sakalava Kylie

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Wind: Mini: 12| Maxi 30 kn Gust Max : 40 kn


Sakalava Bay is a haven for kite enthusiasts, boasting perfect wind and aquatic conditions. The beach features two distinct kitesurfing zones, welcoming boarders of every skill level from across the globe. Safety concerns? Sakalava Bay has got you covered with its medical and rescue facilities. Beyond kiting, the beach offers kiteboarding schools and equipment repair hubs. One minor setback is the distant parking. When it comes to kitesurfing conditions, Sakalava Bay's climate is prime. The persistent winds, blowing sideways, rarely dip below 15 knots annually. However, during the prime months from early April to October, winds can surge, ranging from 20 to 40 knots. Expect ambient temperatures between 25 and 35掳C, while the water remains a comfortable 27掳C for an optimal kiting experience. Be mindful that by November, as the prime season wraps up, winds may mellow to 15-20 knots.

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Travel guide Kite-surf C么tes d'Armor

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Kite-surf Sakalava Kylie
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