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Kite-surf Par猫/Valmadrera

Kite-surf Par猫/Valmadrera

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Wind Dir. : N NE
Wind: Mini: 13| Maxi 37 kn Gust Max : kn


The season of thermal wind stars in March/April till October. Kitesurfing with North winds, only at this beach. Wake up early since the Tivano wind blows every day from 6-10am and gets accelerated at this beach to about 3-5 Bft. North wind: sporadic usually 15-40 knots, very gusty. These 4 winds are possible: TIVANO: blowing the whole year from 6-10am out of NE/N. It's coming out of Veltlin and if it is missing, it means that the weather will be bad. BREVA: blowing out of the South if the Tivano becomes less. It's the main wind on this lake and mainly in the North quiet strong, blowing from about 10am to sunset. VENTONE: blowing from the North, often after a thunderstorm in the mountains with gusts up to 40-60km/h. Not recommended to kite in. MENAGGINO: out of the South with strong gusts, mainly after thunderstorms in summer.
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Travel guide Kite-surf C么tes d'Armor

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Kite-surf Par猫/Valmadrera
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