Guide de voyage Kite-surf San Francisco Bay Area

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Kite-surf Marina Bay

Kite-surf Marina Bay

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WSW SW SSW S SSE
Vent: Mini: 12| Maxi 30 kn Rafale Max : kn
Vagues: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 m
Periode: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 sec
Marée: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 m
Point de marée: richmond_tradewinds-sailing


Located in Richmond, Marina Bay can be a great place to kite when conditions are good. Generally speaking, Summer to Fall provide the best conditions with winds ranging from 10-30 knots mostly onshore. It is not a suitable location for beginners as a confined launch surrounded by rocks and turbulent winds create hazardous situations during launching and landing. Depending on the tides, water starts can be a bit tricky as your ability to get out in the water to start may be limited and starting requires sending the kite down over the rocks. As with many sites, if you for any reason doubt your confidence in safely launching and landing in a confined rocky area, handling your kite precisely, getting out on the water fast and staying upwind, don’t kite here! In addition, fisherman do frequent the small beach, so give them the right-of-way and all due courtesy. Above and along the small beach is a section the Bay Trail which is frequented by joggers, walkers, families and children. Ensure that your activity does not inadvertently involve them in any way.
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Guide de voyage Kite-surf San Francisco Bay Area

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