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Kite-surf Half Moon Bay

Kite-surf Half Moon Bay

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Wind: Mini: 12| Maxi 30 kn Gust Max : kn
Wave: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 m
Period: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 sec
Tide: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 m
Tide point: half_moon_bay_beach


On NW windy days you'll see kites in the north end of the bay by Miramar. These are usually a small group of very knowledgeable and experienced locals who know the area well, expertly handle their equipment, and are careful around other beach-goers. If you don't fit that profile: skip that spot. There are better areas to kite.
 HMB has miles of beach. The north end of the bay has the smallest beaches and the most people. When you see a local kiting there, it's likely they chose it merely because that launch happens to be closest to their home. If you're visiting you may as well launch somewhere better for you and safer for everyone else. When NW winds blow here they're equally good across the bay. In fact, the wider beaches to the south don't have the sketchy wind eddies you find near the cliffs. The surf is better too, because of the way Pillar Point shadows swell the waves get gradually better the more south you go. HMB waves take shape from shifting sand bars and they have a tendency to form up more often and with better quality at the river mouths by Dunes and Venice.
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Travel guide Kite-surf San Francisco Bay Area

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Kite-surf Half Moon Bay
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