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Kite-surf Crissy Field

Kite-surf Crissy Field

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : N NNW NW WNW W NNE
Wind: Mini: 12| Maxi 30 kn Gust Max : 40 kn
Wave: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 m
Period: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 sec
Tide: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 m
Tide point: crissy_field


Crissy Field is a world-class sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing area for experienced riders. Gusty winds and strong currents can make kiting here both challenging and dangerous. The wind is often side-offshore and the launch can be tricky, with winds fluky/light on the inside. and often VERY windy out in the channel. A full wetsuit year-round is a must.

Thank you for familiarizing yourself with Crissy kiting protocols so that we can all be safe and have a great time. At Crissy we count on each other to be responsible and support one-another. If unsure of something, ask for assistance or advice from other riders; your actions are important to everyone, especially if they have to put themselves at risk to rescue you or help retrieve your gear!

for security concern:

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Travel guide Kite-surf San Francisco Bay Area

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Kite-surf Crissy Field
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