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Kite-surf Chalikounas Beach

Kite-surf Chalikounas Beach

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Unique in its setting, this location boasts the sea ahead and a lake to its rear. Even during peak times, it remains less crowded and is frequently breezy. You'll find it on the Southwest shoreline.

As a segment of the Korission lagoon, it's one of the rare beaches where development is minimal or non-existent, owing to its status within the Natura 2000 zones. It's a gem in the current times – a genuine 'wild' beach that has largely remained untouched by human activities, and it's notably one of the breeziest spots on the island.

The shore presents a lengthy, expansive spread of delicate yellow sands, flanked by natural shrubs and untamed flora. A handful of beachside establishments offer beverages and simple refreshments, and visitors can rent loungers and umbrellas. Basic showering facilities are also available. If you decide to step away for a refreshment, you can be assured your belongings will be just where you left them upon your return.

For surfing enthusiasts, Chalikounas beach is a prime location. It offers ample space for equipment setup, minimal interference from swimmers, and convenient parking without the hassle of transporting gear. It's a surfer's paradise that closely resembles 'lounge surfing', though it might not be the ideal location for those looking to merely sunbathe.

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