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Kite-surf Archaravi Beach

Kite-surf Archaravi Beach

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : N NNW NW WNW W
Wind: Mini: 12| Maxi 30 kn Gust Max : 39 kn
Wave: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 m
Period: Mini:0 | Maxi 0 sec


Not only is this beach the island's most extended stretch of sand, but it also becomes the focal point for Corfu's handful of kite and windsurf enthusiasts whenever the winds turn too northerly for the south-west shores. The Maestro wind, blowing onshore across the 8km bay, crafts waves, forming a beach-break that can reach heights of up to 1.5m. While this location is tailored to accommodate tourists, it has managed to retain its natural charm, avoiding the pitfalls of overdevelopment. The conditions mirror those found further down the coast at Sidari. However, the increased number of sun-lovers there often means that there's limited space for launching.

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Travel guide Kite-surf C么tes d'Armor

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Kite-surf Archaravi Beach
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